Water Tank Leakage Treatment

water tank leakageWater Tank Leakage requires Waterproofing Plumbers (Waterproofing Technicians) to cover up the leakage and repairing. It might appear due to ground movement or tank movement over time. The age, however, of a storage tank is very important for its maintenance. It lies on what your tank is made up of or maybe your tank is just too old. A concrete water tank leakage can. however, develop enhanced cracks over time. The cracks on your tank might be from soil shifting beneath the tank or perhaps from the freeze-thaw cycle during extreme weather conditions. Leakage in tanks leads to draining of water and bacteria accumulation, making the water unsafe for use. When a crack develops, you can quickly repair it by the use of patch created of hydraulic cement or you can fix it with a combination of liner and cement patch.


Measuring the tank (Cross-sectional area). Place an order of tank liner from a liner manufacturer to the dimensions requirements. Drain the tank and clear up the crack to remove any dirt or debris use a wire brush. If there is a loose concrete present around the crack, remove it with¬† chisel. Be careful not to chisel it directly into the crack or else the crack will spread. Brush a layer of concrete bonding agent surrounding and into the crack, make sure to cover the entire inner surface of the crack. Give it a time for maximum 5 minutes for the agent to dry to the point where it is no longer wet but remains tacky to touch. If in case you need our services, don’t hesitate to call.

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