Wall Leakage Seepage

Wall SeepageWall seepage (Internal and External), (Basement, Rooms, Washroom Treatment and Solutions) means dampness of walls that are common problems for homeowners. It happens due to poor quality construction and lack of waterproofing measures during construction of home. It causes dampness of walls, efflorescence which leaves puffy white deposits on walls and peeling of paint. These problems of dampness should be in repairing phase prior to a good home painting experience.


There seems to be a lot of confusion that which waterproofing chemicals should be in use and the processes involved. We, however, have covered solutions and repairs for existing building along with preventive measures taken during construction of buildings. Moreover, we will give you some tips of how to fix water seepage and dampness problems. First how to treat a rising damp, this damp affects the lower region of walls because of the water rising from the ground within wall due to capillary action this causes white deposits and peeling of the paint.

To fix this, treat the mild or severe dampness in the interior walls. Secondly how to treat water seepage on walls because of adjoining bathroom or kitchen  walls on the other side of the bathroom or kitchen gets damp either because of leaking pipes or seepage through tile grout. To fix this, fill the cracks with grout in the affected areas. treat the severe dampness on adjacent wall.

Next in line is treating dampness caused due to water seepage from exterior walls, defects and cracks inside the external walls. Water seepage into the interior walls affects the mid-level of interior walls and the areas around the frames of window. To fix this repair and waterproof the exterior wall, treat the mild and severe dampness in interior wall.

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