Roof Heat Proofing

roof heat proofingRoof Heat Proofing Services and Heat Insulation processes reflection for  thermal rays from the Sun back into atmosphere through surfaces. Coating of the surfaces is done with different tools. For example heat reflective paints, aluminum foil membrane and heat proofing cloth. Other methods include synthetic polymer sheets for heat proofing etc.

Strong Chemical Services (SCS) is playing a vital role in applications of heat proofing materials on various rooftops during any season/month or day. We have been working with various businesses and individuals throughout our journey towards better heat proofing solutions. Together with our management, we try to provide our best and living upto the client’s expectations.

SCS uses heat-proofing sheets and heat reflective paints to keep the surfaces at a lower temperature, i.e. acting as a reflector. Our team works with dedication and in harmony with their peers and locals to promote maximum optimization.


Although white is the “coolest” color but there are cool versions of a wide variety of popular colors. Moreover, building owners have more choice than they realize. Highly reflective roofs can come in popular colors. For example  red, green, and gray. Cool colored materials are available for all types of steep-slope and low-slope (nearly horizontal) roofs. These materials include, for example, asphalt shingles, metal, clay tiles, and concrete tiles. Highly reflective colored roofs typically have an initial solar reflectance 0.30 to 0.55 in comparison to 0.10 for conventional dark steep-sloped roofs.

With the rising global issues on hand, requirements for heat proofing are increasing all the more and we (SCS) will be there to provide the best possible solutions on heat proofing for our valued customers,

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