Bathroom Leakage Treatment

Bathroom Leakage TreatmentBathroom Leakage (Waterproofing, Wall Seepage and Sealing, RCC Waterproofing foundations) require variety of Waterproofing Chemicals and smart labor. Have you been in need to get a solution of bathroom leakage and Seepage without dismantling your bathroom? Maybe you are spending higher amounts of money but the leakage still appears! If the tiles have seepage on it and the bathroom P traps begin to open, it damages the sewerage lines and causes leakage and seepage all over the bathroom walls.


To fix seepage and leakages of your bathroom, we use BCS powder. Thereafter we pass chemical liquid from all lines and pin holes. Filling of joints is done without dismantling. This is a long time solution. Application of material on all PVC and iron lines is in action within two to three hours.

We can fix bathroom’s leakage and seepage permanently. Re-coat of chemical on sewerage lines of bathroom does not only fills all the joints, pin holes, cracks but also less concerns the blockage of lines because due to this chemical the sewerage lines of bathroom becomes smoother.

Strong Chemical Services not only uses new technology but also practically applying this methodology throughout 13 years and performing their task or application of high qualified material to thousand of projects that has given 100% successful results. There are several reasons of leakages and seepage of bathroom that includes damaged walls, mildew growth etc.  If the leakage appears due to water supply or drain line than it has to be in fixing. Because if not, then the tiles would get affected by the leak, which in future may crack or break. While changing the flooring of the bathroom, performing waterproofing is in priority. Once the waterproofing is in its final stages, the home owner doesn’t have to worry about the other next 4-5 years or even more.

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