Basement Leakage Repair Treatment

Basement Leakage Repair TreatmentBasement Leakage requires waterproofing services (waterproofing foundation and wall seepage and sealing) and is one of the toughest work that a Waterproofing Engineer can handle. It goes about workers digging a hole larger than the size of your structure. This extra space allows the workers to bring equipment inside the hole properly as they construct to build the foundation. Once your foundation has been in line, the construction team will fill in the extra space with some soil. They compact it to make it as strong as possible.

Although if they use the best equipment, they cannot match the compactness of the untouched soil with the dirt. Because the gaps are still there in re-compacted soil, water can be easily collected in air pockets.  The soil the water accumulates from surface, direct rainfall and groundwater. As the level of the water increases in the soil the hydrostatic pressure is exerted on walls of the foundation.

This hydrostatic pressure increases between your foundation walls and wet soil, the cave joint where the walls and floors of your foundation meet, have a high ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure. If the hydrostatic pressure rises too much, then it will affect the joint that can’t handle high pressure and water will seep through the space formed in it.

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